Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ahoy Computing Enthusiests

Have you ever felt intimidated by your computer? Do you just use the computer for what you have to and then run and hide from your sick, virus infected PC? Do you ever say: "I wish I could master my computer with an iron rod!". Well, you can. It's hip to be a nerd and now you can be one too! I have so much to share. My goal is to put all my computer theories in one place, basically so I don't have to keep saying the same things wherever I go. I love my computer and I hope that your computer life is improved through this blog so you can spend more time doing the things you love, with or without the computer!

This is completely one-sided, so don't mind me. Jamie I'm expecting a healthy amount of constructive critism! If people do disagree with me, we can duke it out in the comments (just remember who's blog it is! : ) These tips are just what has worked for me.

Hopefully this advice will help keep your computer safe, backed up and on the bleeding edge of fun new technologies.


Stephen Weyman said...

Maybe you could allow me the opportunity to provide the occasional guest post? ;)

Stephen Weyman said...

I'm the only computing enthusiast :(